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11 October, 2015
  Focus: Small animals - dogs, cats, guinea pigs, hamsters, turtles & rabbits
Toa Payoh Vets Case Studies
879.Video: A cat has skin disease
878. Video: A cat has fur mite, ringworm and anal sacculitis
877. Video: Potong Pasir haze
876. Video: A 10-year-old Jack Russell has ringworm
875. Video: A cat trapper's van
874. Blog: Two coincidences: A dog and a cat had urinary tract diseases
873. Video: A cat after surgery  for tibial fracture
872. Video: A 6-month-old cat has evening penile erection and has no descended testicle Pt 2
871. Video: A rare case of a cat without descended testicle Pt 1
870. Video: A 4-month-old Cocker Spaniel bites the vet - dominant female
869. Video: A 15-year-old Westie clipped bald showing skin lumps Pt 2
868. Video: A 15-year-old Westie has skin diseases and anal sacculitis Pt 1
867. Video: A 3-year-old Golden Retriever has anal sac impaction causing tail biting
866A. Blog: A cat fell 5 floors and has multiple femoral fractures
866. Video: A terrapin stops eating for the past 2 months
865. Video: A hamster has itchy elbows and thighs
864. Video: A 9-year-old female spayed Golden Retriever has a large circum-anal tumour
863A. Blog: A Fancy Rat has a swollen armpit - surgical evidence
863. Video: A Fancy Rat has a swollen right armpit mass excised Pt 2
862. Video: A Fancy Rat has a swollen right armpit Pt 1
861. Video: A 9-year-old Shih Tzu has a descemetocoele
860. Video: A 16-year-old dog cannot stand up on his hind legs
859. Video: A small boy's 4-year-old terrapin stops eating for the past 2 months
858. Video: A 13-year-old Chihuahua has urethrostomy and neuter
857. Video: Roses for sale, Singapore nursery
A descemetocoele in a pug? Enucleation, prosthetic eye or silicon rubber injection?
856. Video: A 14-year-old chihuahua has vaginal prolapse
855. Video: Downtown condos, Singapore
854. Video: A rabbit passes smelly urine.
853. Video: A stray cat has medial canthus entropion and tearing
852. Video: Potong Pasir 7 days before the General Election. My prediction on PAP
851. Video: Going home from work, Serangoon subway near Nex shopping mall
850. Video: Clarke Quay, Singapore
849. Video: A 7-year-old dog has a large vaginal tumour
848. Compare 2 terrapins from different owners Pt 2
847. Video: Compare two 4-month-old terrapins from 2 owners Pt 1
846.Video: A 4-month-old terrapin has right ear abscess
845. Video: A guinea pig is clipped and groomed Pt 2
844. Video: A 6-year-old guinea pig has matted hairs and painful hips Pt 1
843. Video: Mooncakes for sale at Takashimaya Shopping Centre
842. Video: A 4-month-old terrapin has ear abscesses and white spots on shell
841. Video: A Napolean kitten and her owner has ringworm
840. Video: A cat has ringworm and severe anal sac impaction
839. Blog: Z-plasty in a 14-year-old Shih Tzu with a large shoulder abscess
838. Video: Downtown condos in Singapore
837. Video: A 2-year-old Golden Retriever fractures left upper 4th premolar tooth
836. Video: A terrapin has white-spotted shell and ear abscesses
835. Video: Cobbler in Chinatown, Singapore, Sunday evening
834. Video: The eye macula of 27-year-old compared to 65-year-old man

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