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Focus: Small animals - dogs, cats, guinea pigs, hamsters, pet rats and mice, birds and turtles      
November 29, 2018

Jun 2017. A pet rat has a large mammary tumour. Anaesthesia and surgery is risky. Blog and video
May 2017. How to remove a pet mouse's tumour. Blog and video
Jan 2016. Final Video: How to handle a pet rat
Final Video: A rat and dog mastectomy at Toa Payoh Vets
Blog: Video production of rat mastectomy
547C. Video: Review after mastectomy in a rat. 6/6
547B. Video: Post-op after mastectomy in a rat. 5/6
547A. Video: Half an hour after breast tumour excision. 4/6
547. Video: Ligate major blood vessels supplying caudal breast tumours. 3/6
546.Video: Rat admitted for mastectomy. 2/6
545A. Video: A 2.5-year-old pet rat has a gigantic breast tumour - informed consent, 1/6
545. Blog: Breast tumours - Mastectomy in a pet rat
Video: A pet rat has fast breathing. 2/2
Video: A pet rat has respiratory problems. 1/2
Video: A pet rat has chest pain

Video: A pet rat has a breast tumour

Blog:  A pet rat in Singapore fractures his tooth
Webpage: A constipated white pet rat
Webpage: A pet rat fractures his tooth

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