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07 January, 2016
  Focus: Small animals - dogs, cats, guinea pigs, hamsters, turtles & rabbits
Archived Case Studies are at:  Be Kind To Pets
1027. Video: A 7-year-old Schnauzer has an orange-sized swelling for 3 years - inguinal hernia?
1026. Video: An Amazon green parrot has flu
1025. Final Video: Diagnosis & treatment of 4 sick guinea pigs at Toa Payoh Vets
1024. Video: A beloved old Maltese cannot walk properly
1023. Video: A large hip tumour in a dwarf hamster is inoperable
1023. Video: A kitten recovers from brain concussion
1022. Video: Clipped tooth Pt 3
1021. Video: Clipping ingrown tooth inside the hard palate Pt 2
1020. Video: A hamster has not eaten for days Pt 1
1019. Video: A cat's aural haematoma stitches are removed on the 15th day
1018. Video: Cookies for Dr Sing for making the deaf 11-year-old dog hear again
1017. Video: A newly purchased terrapin gasps
1016. Video: A Maltese passes blood in the urine again - ureter stone
1105. A 14-year-old Silkie has a deep corneal ulcer - 3rd eyelid flap & tarrshorrhapy
1104. Video: How to clean a cat's ears using ear drops Pt 2
1103. Video: Internship. How to handle a ferocious cat for ear irrigation Pt 1
1102. Video: A paw lump for 5 years Pt 2
1101. Video: A 10-year-old unspayed Schnauzer has a breast and paw lumps Pt 1
1100. Video: A kind young man wants his 17-year-old dog to have dental work to stop oral pain
1099. Video: A very sick emaciated 15-year-old Ragdoll
1098. Video: Ringworm obvious after clipping Pt 2
1097. Video: A very itchy 12-year-old Westie has generalised ringworm Pt 1
1096. Video: Painful back and right limb for a Spitz. Physical exam to show 2 interns
1095. Video: No 100% guarantee in dam survival during caesarean sections Pt 11
1994. Blog: Unbelievable Singapore story: How to get the Blue-fronted Amazon home?
1093. Video: Farm Visit. Spitz puppies. Pt 10
1092. Video: Farm visit. Puppy smuggling into Singapore Pt 9
1091. Video: Farm visit. Cavalier King Charle's 10-day-old pups Pt 8
1090. Video: Farm visit. 2/7 pups fostered to another dam Pt 7
1089. Video: Farm visit. Whelping box. Pt 6
1088. Video: Farm visit. My 1/3 length of skin incision for Caesarean section of corgi Pt 5
1087. Video: Farm visit. Dr Sing's two caesarean patients are fine. Pt 4
1086. Video: Farm visit. A vet delivered 8 dead corgi pups via caesarean section Pt 3
1085. Video: Breeding farm visit - Corgi dam caesarean with 5 pups by Dr Daniel Pt 2
1084. Video: 100% post-op success. 7 live pups Pt 1
1083. Video: A 7-pup corgi caesarean section takes 1 hour at Toa Payoh Vets Pt 1
1082. Video: Hamster goes home Pt 9
1081. Video: A successful amputation Pt 8
1080. Video: Hamster survived leg amputation Pt 7
1079. Video: Stitched wound with 5/0 nylon sutures Pt 6
1078. Video: Warning - Viewer's discretion is advised. Stitching skin after leg amputation Pt 5
1077. Video: Warning - Viewer's discretion is advised. Surgery. Amputation of a hamster's leg Pt 4
1076. Video: Top up with isoflurane gas anaesthesia Pt 3
1075. Video: Sedation for surgery Pt 2
1074. Video: A 1.5-year-old dwarf hamster has a gigantic elbow tumour Pt 1
1073.Video: A Simei dog is infested with ticks
1072. Video: A 14-year-old Silkie has a big deep eye ulcer Pt 1
A much loved hamster has a gigantic elbow lump
1071. Final Video: How to handle a pet rat
1070. Video: Two retro calcineal bursal swellings? Pt 3
1069. Video: Two hock lumps Pt 2
1068. Video: A cross-bred has two painful left hock lumps Pt 1
1067. Video: A cat has flank hair loss
1066. Video: A guinea pig is gasping for breath - pneumonia
1065A. Blog: How long it takes to do a dog Caesarean section? - 32 minutes for 3 Dachshund pups
1065. Video: Goes home after caesarean section Pt 4
1064. Video: Caesarean section Pt 3
1063. Video: Caesarean section Pt 2
1062. Video: Caesarean section for a Dachshund Pt 1
1061. Video: A 13-year-old Pom has an infected left ear
1060. Video: An old Schnauzer has a painful right ear
1059. Video: A 12-year-old Jack Russell is lethargic
1058. Video: A cat has flu after boarding
1057. Video: Singapore scenes - Dec 23, 2015. Expressway
1056B Final Video: Surgical treatment of a terrapin's gigantic ear abscess
1056A. Video: Day 8 of in-patient treatment Pt 7
1056. Video: post-op swelling Pt 6
1055. Video Post-op swelling - haematoma Pt 5
1054. Video: Post-op terrapin is not moving Pt 4
1053. Video: Surgery terrapin ear abscess Pt 3
1052. Video: Terrapin ear abscess Pt 2
1051. Video: A gigantic terrapin ear abscess Pt 1
1050. Video: A 6-year-old rabbit pees blood in the urine
1049. Video: A 10-year-old Pekinese has prostatic enlargement
1048. Video: An old Pekinese has a scleral tumour Pt 1
1046. Pigs of all colours in a fast-moving truck in rural Myanmar

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