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 Small animals - dogs, cats, hamsters, rabbits
Date:   19 September, 2005      
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Toilet-training puppies. Crate training. Toa Payoh Vets. Toilet-training. Small area first 2 weeks. Toa Payoh Vets.
tpvets_logo.jpg (2726 bytes)382. Sep 18, 2005. Crate training needs a regular time schedule to go out to the driveway toilet.
Crate training the Golden Retriever.
tpvets_logo.jpg (2726 bytes)381. Sep 18, 2005. Need to confine to smaller area of kitchen and neutralise urine smell on floor tiles.  Can't locate the toilet.
Leash training is a good method to restrict movement. Toa Payoh Vets. Toilet-training herding breed. Toa Payoh Vets.
tpvets_logo.jpg (2726 bytes)380. Sep 18, 2005. Territorial marking of dogs. Don't like to use same toilet spot? Leash training 2 new Siberian Husky puppies. tpvets_logo.jpg (2726 bytes)379. Sep 18, 2005. Runs to the pee tray even in the dark of the night. Pee command and smell newspaper.
Bedroom with puppy. Seems to be effective toilet training. Toa Payoh Vets. Don't let the puppy out to roam all over the apartment till it is paper-trained. Extend the floor area with barricades or baby gates. Toa Payoh Vets.
tpvets_logo.jpg (2726 bytes)378. Sep 18, 2005. Eating stools uncommon in puppies but there are some cases. Stop stool eating at the impressionable age of puppies.
tpvets_logo.jpg (2726 bytes)377. Sep 17, 2005. Confinement area gradually increased till the puppy is paper-trained. Extend the floor area slowly to continue paper-training. Use barricade fences or baby gates.
The wire crate, wire-flooring and pee tray for puppies. Rust is a problem. Toa Payoh Vets. Play inside common bathroom for first 2 weeks. Toilet training. Sheltie. Toa Payoh Vets.
tpvets_logo.jpg (2726 bytes)376. Sep 17, 2005. Wire crate and squeaky toys for Jack Russell puppy.  Mats with small holes to prevent the trapping of feet of toy breeds into the gap of wire flooring. tpvets_logo.jpg (2726 bytes)375. Sep 17, 2005. Confinement and play inside the common bathroom. Feed bowl removed within 5 minutes. Water bowl present all day. Treats effective for busy young working couple. Restricted area in the bathroom for the Sheltie.
Good method of toilet-training a Husky in an apartment. Toa Payoh Vets Seldom used common bathroom - used by Pug. Toa Payoh Vets
tpvets_logo.jpg (2726 bytes)374. Sep 13, 2005.
Dr Sing's Puppy Book - A brief report of research in toilet-training in Singapore.
tpvets_logo.jpg (2726 bytes)374. Sep 13, 2005. The common bathroom is used as the toilet for the pug. The adjoining balcony is the sleeping area.
Peeing outside the barricade. Toa Payoh Vets. Graduate lady owner knew and has full time,  how to toilet-train puppy. Toa Payoh Vets
tpvets_logo.jpg (2726 bytes)373. Sep 13, 2005.
Peed everywhere when let out of the barricaded area.
tpvets_logo.jpg (2726 bytes)372. Sep 13, 2005. Paper-trained in 7 days.

Long-coated Chihuahua - toilet training. Toa Payoh Vets.  Crate for the Labrador Retriever. Toa Payoh Vets.
tpvets_logo.jpg (2726 bytes)371. Sep 13, 2005.  Confine new puppy to small area first. Less work for owner to remove urine smells.  Positive and Negative reinforcement for the Chihuahua. tpvets_logo.jpg (2726 bytes)370. Sep 13, 2005.  Crate training with puppy training pads was recommended as ideal for her situation.  Discuss toilet training with the vet?
Labrador Retriever had a deep sleep on the cold consultation table. Toa Payoh Vets Post-purchase puppy veterinary examination. Toa Payoh Vets.
tpvets_logo.jpg (2726 bytes)369. Sep 13, 2005. "The puppy ate the pelleted litter?" I asked the athletic English lady. She confirmed. So, this method was unsuitable as the Retriever was always hungry. The puppy had a very deep sleep while we discussed potty training. Discuss toilet training with the vet?
tpvets_logo.jpg (2726 bytes)368. Sep 13, 2005. Toilet-training methods depends on the owner's motivation, time and housing. Pelleted litter recommended by the pet shop. Discuss toilet training with the vet?
General anaesthesia of hamsters are much riskier  than in dogs. Toa Payoh Vets 18 hours after the first birth. Caesarean. American Shorthair kitten distressed but survived. Toa Payoh Vets.
tpvets_logo.jpg (2726 bytes)367. Sep 13, 2005. Much greater anaesthetic risks in dwarf hamsters compared to dogs. Grape-like tumours looked like multiple encapsulated abscesses in a bunch. tpvets_logo.jpg (2726 bytes)366. Sep 13, 2005. Good dam ensured that the American Shorthair kitten delivered by Caesarean section thrived.
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