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29 April, 2015
  Focus: Small animals - dogs, cats, guinea pigs, hamsters, turtles & rabbits
Toa Payoh Vets Case Studies
Hamster 1.5 years old. Eyelid abscesses 3rd recurrence. Why? Toa Payoh Vets
399. Webpage: Two cases of eyelid abscesses in dwarf hamsters in Singapore
398. Blog: How to prevent a subconjunctival abscess from recurring Pt 3
397. Video: A dwarf hamster after abscess surgery Pt 2
396. Video: Instructions on the post-discharge care of hamster eyelid subconjunctival abscess Pt 1
395. Video: Review --  A young male FLUTD cat recovers from acute kidney failure Pt 3
394. Video: A cat has kidney failure Pt 2
393. Video: A cat has kidney failure - First consultation Pt 1
392. Video: How to bathe a cat with fur mites Pt 2
391. Video: Two hamsters - itchy skin and diarrhoea
390. Video: A 1-week-old guinea pig is suddenly "lethargic"
389. Video: A 6-month-old poodle is examined before spaying.
388. Video: How to age a 6-month-old puppy? Pt 1
387. Video: A skin-diseased cat has lots of fur mites Pt 1
386. Video: An old hamster passes wet stools
385. Video: How to take care of a guinea pig after neutering Pt 2
384. Video: A guinea pig is sent for neuter at Toa Payoh Vets Pt 1
383. Video. The left head tilting rabbit
382. Video: The 4-month-old poodle had ringworm and anal sacculitis
381. Video: Review of chihuahua with ruptured pyometra uterus
380. Video: The biting hamster is very itchy Pt 2
379. Video: An 8-year-old terrier has an arched back
378. Video: No more right ear abscess Pt 3
377. Video: Terrapins with ear abscess and shell rot
376. Video: A young terrapin has ear abscess Pt 1
375. Video: A terrapin has shell rot
374. Video: Chronic anal sacculitis in a Shih Tzu
373. Video: A 12-year-old Maltese has daily tooth brushing
372. Video: A rabbit has a persistent high fever
371. Video: A hamster has sniffling sounds
370. Video: A French Bulldog has generalised ringworm Pt 2
369. Video: A French Bulldog has generalised skin infections Pt 1
368. Video: A large skin incision from a large breast tumour in a dwarf hamster Pt 2
367. Video: A hamster recovers from recurrent breast tumour surgery Pt 1
366. Video: A 4-year-old rabbit has stomach impaction from cardboard box eating
365. Video: Uncle Billy's nervous cross-bred puppy
364. Video: Sedation and eye irrigation Pt 3
363. Video: Left eye corneal scarring 90% Pt 2
362. Video: Persistent left eye discharge in a Shih Tzu Pt 1
361. Blog: A Shih Tzu's eye keeps discharging
360. Video: Singapore's last movie poster painter, Mr Ang Hao Sai
359. Video: A 17-year-old Chihuahua has  fluid in the lungs Pt 2
358. Video: A 17-year-old Chihuahua has breathing difficulty Pt 1
357. Video: An old Shih Tzu has arched back - spondylosis
356. An adopted Miniature Schnauzer has generalised ringworm for many years
355. Video: A poodle is lame after grooming
354.Video: A cat has bilateral flank hair loss and jet black anal sac oil
353. Video: Singapore - Orchard Road, Saturday
352. Video: Singapore - Yio Chu Kang subway area, Saturday
351. Video: Tips for first-time Singapore property buyer
350. Video: A Cavalier King Charles over-produces anal sac oil
349A. Blog: A chemical-splashed Beagle's eye
349. Video: A Beagle has less corneal ulceration Pt 3
348. Video: A Beagle recovers from corneal ulceration Pt 2
347. Video: A Beagle has chemicals splashed onto his eyes Pt 1
346B. Video: After circum-anal tumour excision Pt 3
346A. Video: An old male dog has circum-anal tumours Pt 2
346. Video: A 13-year-old dog has circum-anal tumours Pt 1
345. Video: Antisedan wakes up the Schnauzer Pt 2
344. Video: An old Schnauzer has schwannoma Pt 1
343. Video: Bravecto tablets prevent ticks for 3 months
342. Video: Playpen and pee pad toilet training a 7-week-old Miniature Schnauzer
341. Video: The Pug's lump was an abscessed granuloma Pt 4
340A. Video: The Pug has less pimples now Pt 5
340. Video: The Pug wears booties Pt 3
339. Video: The Pug has a large subcutaneous tumour Pt 2
338. Video: The 8-month-old Pug recovers from skin disease but now has a large skin tumour Pt 1
337. Video: A 10-year-old Schnauzer has a grey toe tumour - melanoma? Pt 1
336. Video: An ear wart is excised Pt 2
335. Video: A hamster has an itchy ear - Ear warts Pt 1
334. Video: Toa Payoh subway Myanmar Water Festival Pt 2
333. Video: Toa Payoh subway Myanmar Water Festival Pt 1
332A. Video:  A terrapin has shell rot
332. Video: A terrapin's ear abscess just drained Pt 2
331. Video: How to express the anal sacs in a poodle
330. Video: A dwarf hamster has recurrent breast tumour
329. Video: A rabbit ate lots of cardboard boxes - gastric impaction
328. Video: Pre-op examination of a dog before spay
327. Video: A rabbit is not eating for 3 days
326. Video: A Pom limps and is cyanotic Pt 2
325. Blog: Non-stop coughing
324. Video: A Pom is lame on left hind Pt 1
323. Video: A French Bulldog has ear haematoma
322. Video: A dwarf hamster has acute respiratory distress
321A. Video: A 2-month-old puppy had anaemia and leucopaenia
321. Blog: A 2-month-old puppy had anaemia
320. Video: Smelly urine Pt 2
319. Video: A dwarf hamster has smelly urine Pt 1
318. Video: A 17-year-old cat is very ill
317. Video: A dwarf hamster has recurring breast tumour Pt 1
316. Video: How to take care of a female dog after spay
315. Video: How to syringe-feed a rabbit. Gastric impaction
312. Video: Pregnancy diagnosis of a Pomeranian X
311A. Video: The pug partially recovers from deep spreading pyoderma
311. Video: Ruptured epidermal cyst in a young Pug - folliculitis - follow up 
310. Video: Travel Fair on April 3, 2015 Pt 3
309. Video: Travel fair at Marina Bay Sands Pt 2
308. Video: Breakaway NATAS travel fair 2015 Pt 1
307. Video: Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5 motorbike repair shop
306. Video: A Chow Chow bites his tail bald
305. Video: Aural haematoma post-op care Pt 3
304. Video: Ear haematoma syringing out  the blood Pt 2
303. Video: A Jack Russell has aural haematoma again Pt 1
302. Video: The rabbit has fever Pt 2
301. Video: The rabbit drools for 7 days Pt 1
300. Video. How to toilet train a 4-month old Chihuahua that pees and poops everywhere in the apartment for the past 2 months
299. Video: Puppy 2. How to paper-train a puppy from Day 1
298. Video: Puppy 1. How to crate + pee tray train a new puppy on Day 3.
297. Paper training successfully 2 dogs of differing ages
Shih Tzu puppy always wag tail
296. Webpage: Toilet training - Paper-training 4 Shih Tzu pups successfully 5/10
295..Webpage: Toilet-training - 3 success stories 4/10
294. Webpage: Toilet-training puppy case 3/10
293. Webpage: Toilet-training puppy case 2/10
292. Webpage: Toilet-training puppy case 1/10

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