Date:   09 October, 2012  

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Food for the new Syrian hamster  
Dr Sing Kong Yuen, BVMS (Glasgow), MRCVS
09 October, 2012  
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Her 4-month-old dwarf hamster drank and peed a lot when I asked her. He showed a hunched back and within 24 hours, he had fits (leg stretched out suddenly, head extended, eyes popped out) when the lady owner quickly came to visit him. His urine was dark yellow despite lots of drinking. This could be a clue to the ingestion of some colouring or additives in the hamster food harming the kidneys. "Dark yellow stains on the litter and on his anal area are not normal for a dwarf hamster," I said. "Some part of the feed could damage to the kidneys."

She requested euthanasia as there was no hope of recovery. Cremation with ash was requested. I advised her to buy good quality hamster food from Europe, Japan or the U.S.A and not be distracted by fanciful packaging and multiple ingredients like fish head pieces.    
tpvets_logo.jpg (2726 bytes) 5677 - 5679. A dwarf hamster has a hunched back.

Yesterday, October 9, 2012, the lady came to take home the urn at around 7 pm.  I was present and she asked me whether her proposed purchase of one brand of the Vitacraft Hamster Emotion Beauty food.    

Good research on your proposed purchase of one brand of the Vitacraft hamster food for your new Syrian hamster. The alloe vera concentrate and the "approved additives" are the parts I will not feed my hamster as I don't know what long-term effects they will produce.

It is your own preference. If I have to buy only from this Vitacraft manufacturer, I will choose

Emotion ® Nature Dinner Emotion ® Nature dinner
Artikelnummer: 24306 Item number: 24306

There is an English translation at:

The following is copied from this website:

Mit Emotion® Nature Dinner bieten Sie Ihrem Hamster Natur pur im Futternapf! With emotion ® Nature dinner offering your hamster pure nature in the food bowl! Knackige Kürbiskerne, leckere Kolbenhirserispen, gesunder Dinkel ... Crunchy pumpkin seeds, Kolbenhirserispen tasty, healthy spelled ... Die Mischung enthält die reine Vielfalt der Natur — die Rohstoffe werden frisch geerntet und schonend verarbeitet. The blend contains pure natural diversity - the raw materials are freshly harvested and carefully processed.

Emotion® Nature Dinner ist mit vielen energiereichen Zutaten perfekt auf den natürlichen Speiseplan Ihres Nagers abgestimmt und enthält zudem wertvolle Omega-3-Fettsäuren zur Unterstützung eines gesunden Fells. Emotion ® Nature's dinner with many energy-rich ingredients perfectly adapted to the natural diet of your rodent and also contains valuable omega-3 fatty acids to support a healthy coat. Natürlich versorgt das Naturfutter Ihr Tier auch mit allen lebenswichtigen Vitaminen und Mineralstoffen — mit speziellem ACE-Komplex zum Schutz der Zellen. Of course, the natural food supplies your pet with all essential vitamins and minerals - with a special ACE complex to protect the cells. Für ein natürlich gesundes Hamsterleben! For a naturally healthy hamsters life!

Pure Nature: Mit hochwertigen Komponenten aus der Natur Pure Nature: With high quality components from nature

Vitamine : Enthält Vitamine und Mineralstoffe Vitamins : Contains vitamins and minerals

Omega 3: Essentielle Fettsäuren unterstützen eine gesunde Haut und ein gesundes Fell Omega 3: Essential fatty acids support healthy skin and a healthy coat

Cell Protect: Mit ACE-Komplex zum Schutz der Zellen Cell Protect: With ACE complex to protect the cells

Für alle Hamster For all hamsters

Von Tierärzten und Nagerexperten entwickelt Developed by veterinarians and rodent experts

Artgerecht, hochwertig, ausgewogen Arthritis, high quality, balanced

Zuckerfreie Rezeptur Sugar-free recipe

Ohne künstliche Aromastoffe No artificial flavors

Ohne künstliche Farbstoffe Free from artificial colors

Ohne künstliche Konservierungsstoffe No artificial preservatives

Inhalt: 600 g Content: 600 g

Complete food for hamster

Zusammensetzung: Composition:

Pflanzliche Nebenerzeugnisse Vegetable by-products

Getreide (Kolbenhirse 5%, Dinkel 5%) Cereals (millet 5%, 5% spelled)

Gemüse Vegetables

Saaten (Kürbiskerne 3%) Seeds (pumpkin seeds 3%)

Nüsse Nuts

Fleisch und tierische Nebenerzeugnisse Meat and other animal products

Mineralstoffe Minerals

Öle und Fette (Sonnenblumenöl 0,06%, Rapsöl 0,02%) Oils and fats (sunflower oil, 0.06%, 0.02% rapeseed oil)

Hefen Yeasts

Zusatzstoffe/kg: Additives / kg:

Ernährungsphysiologische Zusatzstoffe: Nutritional additives:

Vitamin A (E672) Vitamin A (E672) 11429 IE 11,429 IU

Vitamin D3 (E671) Vitamin D3 (E671) 875 IE 875 IU

Vitamin E Vitamin E 770 mg 770 mg

Vitamin C Vitamin C 638 mg 638 mg

Selen (E8) Selenium (E8) 010 mg 010 mg

Eisen (E1) Iron (E1) 14.215 mg 14,215 mg

Jod (E2) Iodine (E2) 406 mg 406 mg

Kupfer (E4) Copper (E4) 469 mg 469 mg

Mangan (E5) Manganese (E5) 4.334 mg 4334 mg

Zink (E6) Zinc (E6) 3.547 mg 3547 mg

If your hamster drinks and pees a lot, it is abnormal. Be observant.  

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