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Focus: Small animals - dogs, cats, guinea pigs, hamsters, turtles & rabbits

9 am - 7 pm.  Monday to Friday.   9 am to 5 Spm.  Sat, Sun  &   Public Holidays.
Appointments preferred as we may be doing surgery. Tel:  6254-3326, 9668-6469
Dr Sing Kong Yuen, BVMS (Glasgow), MRCVS  Mon - Sun & Public Holidays by Appointment. Mainly morning consultations. 9 am - 12 pm usually daily & at other times including Sun & Public Holidays *Draft Case Studies:  2010vets *Community Education:  Be Kind To Pets
7775 Blog: A Husky has a smelly ear tumour-or lump Dr Daniel Sing Zongzheng, BSc, BVMS (Murdoch) Mon - Sun & Public Holidays, except Tuesday.
12 pm - 7 pm Mon - Fri
12 pm - 5 pm Sat & Sun & Public Holidays 
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7776 Video Vertical Ear Canal Ablation in a Husky All enquiries, house-calls & appointments:  tel: 6254-3326, 9668-6469. 9668-6468.  Appointments are preferred as we may be doing surgeries. After-office hours, tel 6253-1122.  *Pictures to inspire the young adults *Veterinary videos
Singapore Case Studies - Dogs
7678 - 7685 Video: Generalised ringworm - UVL 1/3 Video: Sedation for clipping 2/3
Video: American Cocker 1 month later 3/3 Blog: A 7-year-old Sheltie has dental scaling Final Video: A Sheltie has bad breath
Final Video: A Beagle has aural haematoma Final Video: Duties of an intern at Toa Payoh Vets
7686 - 7699 Blog: A Chihuahua has Giardia diarrhoea Video: Squamous cell carcinoma in the nose of an old Golden Retriever Video: Acute bacterial prostatitis in a Beagle Video: An old golden retiever had elbow calluses excised Part 1 Video: 2nd opinion on kidney and bladder stones
Video: When to spay a dam 1/2?
Video: When to spay a dam 2/2? Final Video: When to spay a dam? Final Video: Chow Chow had seizures Blog: Lymphoma in a Miniature Pinscher & Jack Russell 7700 - 7701. Video: Ventral dermatitis due to ringworm
7702- 7717.
Video: Vertical ear canal ablation 1/5 Video: Vertical ear canal ablation 5 months ago 2/5 Video: Vertical ear canal ablation 5 months later 3/5 Video: Vertical ear canal 5 months after surgery 4/5 Video: Husky ear canal ablation 5 months later 5/5
7718 - 7732 Blog: A Jack Russell has ear tumours again   Video: Day 14 after vertical ear canal ablation surgery Blog: An old female dog has has no bladder control -.UTI
Blog: A Jack Russell has liver tumours Final Video: Liver tumour operation in a Jack Russell Skin flakes
7733- 7740. Video: A Cocker Spaniel has leathery neck skin Part 1 Video: A Cocker has scales and dandruff Part 2 Video: How to detick your dog?
Video: A skin lump suddenly grows much bigger 1/3 Video: The old Silkie's lump had been excised 2/3 Video: Medication for the old Silkie 3/3 Video: Gas and painful abdomen in 2 dogs Part 1 Final video: Bayticol de-ticking
7741 - 7756. Video: An old maltipoo has right neck swelling Part 1
Video: Submandibular infections swelling Part 2 Video: Scientific evidence Part 3 Video: 6 days later, no swelling Part 4 Video: 6 days later, no swelling Part 5 Video: 6 days later, no swelling Part 6
Final Video: An RGS intern saw her first 3 cases Video: Generalised rashes in a Shih Tzu
7757- 7763.  Video: Right perineal swelling Day 1 Video: Right perineal swelling after IV drip. Day 1   Video: Right perineal abscess. Day 2. X-rays Video: Right perineal abscess ruptures. Day 2 Video: Right anal sac wound stitched. Day 2 Video: Right anal sac wound stitched shown to owner. Day 2 Web & video: Treatment of undescended testicles
7764 - 7771. Owner decided not to operate - tail wart in an old dog Video: A Japanese Chin coughs phlegm Part 1 Video: A Japanese Chin had a painful rib cage Part 2 Video: A very painful rib cage Part 3 - heart disease
7772- 7779. Video: I palpated a "large bladder stone" which was a tumour Part 1 Video: A Shih Tzu's X-rays showed stones Part 2 Video: Big bladder tumour seen and excised Part 3 Video: Poodle Generalised ringworm again 1/2. Unlikely food allergy Video: Ultraviolet light fluorescence show to owners 2/2 Video: A female English Cocker has a circum-anal tumour 1/3 Video: Anaesthetic worries 2/3 Video: Circum-anal tumours 3/3
7780 - 7786. Ear haematoma in a Lab Retriever    
  Video: Dermoid in a Shih Tzu's eye Dermoid v. pterygium        
7787 - 7798.
In 2013
In 2014. Recurrent struvite stones
Singapore Case Studies - Cats
7799- 7805. Video: A community cat visits Toa Payoh Vets Video: FLUTD. A 5-year-old neuterd cat was "constipated." Final Video: A young spayed cat has backside hair loss Video: A retiree's cat no longer has painful urination Video: Jugular vein to collect blood in a cat  
Singapore Case Studies - Guinea pigs
7806 - 7813. Video: The owner treated guinea pigs' ear infections 1/2 Video: Guinea pigs have painful ears 2/2   Video: A young guinea pig has painful ears 1/2 Video: A young guinea pig has painful ears 2/2 Video: An old guinea pig has right head tilt    
leg encapsulated abscess        
Singapore Case Studies - Hamsters
  Video: A hamster had a large cyst 1/2 Video: Cyst drained. Goes home 2/2 Final Video: A roboroskvi has rectal prolapse
7814- 7835. Blog: Vertical ear canal ablation in a dwarf hamster Video. Day 7 after ear surgery 1/4 Video. Day 7 after ear surgery 2/4 Video. Day 7 after ear surgery 3/4 Video. Day 7 after ear surgery 4/4      
Video: A hamster has upper lip tumour - 2nd consultation Follow up. Left upper lip tumour. hamster 1/5 Video: The most operated hamster in Singapore 2/5 Video: Lower incisior teeth clipped 3/5 Video: The lip ulceration needs cleaning Video: Illustrations educate owners 5/5    
Singapore Case Studies - Rabbits
7836- 7847. Blog: A drooling rabbit Video: Trimming overgrown front teeth in a rabbit Blog: A sneezing rabbit. Script for interns
        Video: Overgrown front teeth 1/4 Video: Trimming teeth as lst solution 2/4 Video: 2 hrs after teeth extraction 3/4 Video: 19 hrs after teeth extraction 4/4
Singapore Case Studies - Turtles
7848- 7869. Video: A Florida terrapin has an eye ulcer. Part 1 Video: A Florida terrapin has eye ulcer. Part 2 Video: A Florida terrapin recovers from eye ulcer Part 3 Video: A Florida terrapin has normal eye now Part 4 Video: The terrapin goes home Part 5 Blog: Swollen terrapin eyes
Final video: A terrapin has 2 ear abscesses-first consultation Video: Outdoor tank terrapins Video: A basking terrapin is over 20 years old
Video: Recurred left ear abscess in a terrapin 1/4 Video: Recurred left ear abscess  2/4 Video: Recurred left ear abscess drained 2 days ago 3/4 Video: Abscess drained. Day 4. Goes home on 4/4    
7870 - 7871. Video: A terrapin has a gigantic left ear abscess Part 1 Video: A terrapin has a gigantic ear abscess Part 2            
Singapore Pictures
Video: A new library Video: Marina Bay Sands Musical Fountain Show Video: A hardworking Chinatown cobbler  
Video: A romantic wedding lunch Video: The entrance of the wedding couple Video: The bride thanks all present Video: Popping the champagne Video: The groom plays the piano and sings Video: FAVA Closing Dinner. Singer 1/2 Video: FAVA Closing Dinner. Singer 2/2  
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