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      Date:   07 June, 2012  

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Sudden onset haematuria in an old Jack Russell
Dr Sing Kong Yuen, BVMS (Glasgow), MRCVS
07 June, 2012 
Be Kind To Pets
Veterinary Education
Project 2010-0129
This 11-year-old Jack Russell X has developed cataracts. He is well loved by the maid and any illness is quickly reported. In the past 2 years, usually he had the "allergic rashes" after Christmas and Chinese New Year and would be scratching himself. Had UTI 2 months ago. Now normal. Old Jack Russell X, toapayohvets, singaporeAfter medication, he would recover. Suddenly in April 2012, he passed blood in his urine. This was the first time as I had seen him since he was a puppy. And that was for the past 11 years.

The Filipino maid who loves him very much, quickly got him to me for treatment as his lady owner was busy. I noticed red blood at the penile tip and his bladder was painful on palpation. Urine and blood tests were done.

2 x-rays were taken. The cause was due to a UTI (urinary tract infection).
haematuria, old male Jack Russell Terrier X, urinary tract infection haematuria, old male Jack Russell Terrier X, urinary tract infection
No urine left as evident during urethral catherisation. No urethral obstruction. Faecal pellets dominate the abdomen, likely constipation No signs of bladder stones or tumours in this X-ray

I quickly gave him an IV drip with baytril antibiotics and the next day, he had no more blood in his urine.  He went home with antibiotics and recovered fully when I phoned 3 days later.

old jack russell X now normal. no UTI. toapayohvets, singaporeThen I saw him 2 months later for vaccination, he was as good as gold.  So, I took a photo of him. Early treatment of haematuria is important especially for older people and dogs. In this case, there was no prostrate or bladder cancer.  He was constipated as the X-rays showed lots of faecal stools. He ate like there was no tomorrow. I advised reducing his feeding. As to the cause of his UTI, this is a puzzle to me as he is very well cared for. Could it be the constipation or the consumption of dog treats? Could it be traumatic injury to the bladder and/or kidney? Nobody knows. But I saw fresh blood at the penile tip. This may not be significant.

I was most happy for him during vaccination as he is healthy now. He prefers not to see me though as he knows he will get injections.  Bladder cancers are always a big worry in old dogs passing blood in the urine.

Early diagnosis is important. Urine test for transitional cell carcinomas can be done. Practise evidence-based medicine rather than just give some antibiotics and wait and see, unless X-ray and blood and urine test costs are important for the owner.  Due to the sudden onset haematuria and response to antibiotics, this was a case of UTI (urinary tract infection).
Adenocarcinoma tumour in bladder,urinary incontinence, dripping copious reddish brown blood, toapayohvets, singapore, beagle, male, 13 years
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Be Kind To Pets
Veterinary Education
Project 2010-0129
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