My hamster is doing fine
Hi Dr Sing,
Yeap, my hamster is doing fine. 7months plus had passed since he had the surgery.
He's exactly 2yrs 8month old today. =)
The first week of after surgery care was terrible. I had put him & his cage beside me through the night. So that once he's awake, i will be waken up too to make sure he dun do too much harm to his wound. Cos he spent most of the daytime sleeping and gets active at night.

Day 1 nothing happened, he sleeps and sleeps. Seems to be running a fever. Temp is high.
Day 2, 4 out of the 6 stitches gone, remember i brought him back to you and you said lucky u gave in 6 instead of 4 stitches.
Day 3, stitches still there.
Day 4 left with one hanging loose at the end.
Day 5, no more stitches, plus he start peeling off the harden blood clot/skin over his wound. Guess he peeled halfway and it starts bleeding thus he stop peeling and left the peeled-off skin hanging there.
Day 7, He peeled everything off. New blot clot formed. Not too big an area as compared to the first.
Onward, I figured out that he's actually smart enough to take good care of himself.
I fed him well and he recovered well.
Week 2-3 , wound had healed, furs starting to grow back. But saw another growth growing on his other side of the body. 2 month later, the growth ballooned to half the size of his first one. I was thinking he is quite old already (2yrs 3 months old), I do not wish to put him on another surgery.

I start to feed him less. I used to give him 1 tablespoon of feed everyday. Now i only give him 1 tablespoon every 3days.
With little food, he cant be picky and eats whatever he can find in his bowl.
Another one month passed, the growth is still there.