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April 22, 2018

Early treatment of blood in the urine and difficulty in passing urine prevents kidney damage and death
Urinary Stones & dysuria
Final Video: A 2.5-year-old cat vomits more hairballs than usual - Feline Urological Syndrome?
Final Video: An 8-year-old cat has bladder stones
Final Video: A 14-year-old cat has a bladder full of stones
Video: A cat had bladder stones previously but now has hair loss - anal sac impaction
Video: A cat went home on Day 3 after bladder and urethral stone removal 1/3
Video: A cat cannot pee on Day 4 after bladder and urethral stone removal 2/3
Video: A young cat with FLUTD & kidney disease recovers fully 3/3
Video: Perineal urethrostomy in a male cat. 3/3. No more swollen obstructed bladder
Blood in the urine
Calcium oxalate bladder stone removal in a male cat.
No urethral obstruction
Video: A male cat has urethral obstruction again
FLUTD Case 2. The young cat can't pee for 2 days FLUTD Case 3 - The cat drips urine all over the apartment
Dec 2014. Video: A retiree's cat no longer has painful urination Dec 2014. Video: FLUTD. A 5-year-old cat was "constipated."
Cat, male, neutered, 7 years, moved house, difficulty peeing. dysuria. singapore. toapayohvets urethral obstruction, male cat, blood in urine, pees everywhere, toa payoh vets, singapore
FLUTD Case 1. The cat can't pee again. Young male cat pees everywhere and passes blood in the urine. Neuter him?
FlUTD-cat-gasping-Vet1-X-ray_45min-before-death-toapayohvets.jpg shifted to new house. dysuria, male, neutered, cat, 7 years. toapayohvets
Searching for answers - the cat died under
FLUTD treatment. 1/2
Searching for answers - 2/2
The cat pees blood in the urine for the 8th time. FLUTD? Urethral obstruction in a male cat
feline idiiopathic cystitis + urethral plug, male cat difficulty in peeing, haematuria, dysuria, toapayohvets
My 8-year-old cat can't pee The busy doctor's cat cannot pee normally

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