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Date:   24 May, 2013  
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Mum's ferocious anorexic cat
Dr Sing Kong Yuen, BVMS (Glasgow), MRCVS
Date:   24 May, 2013 
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Thursday, May 23, 2013

1431. Mum's ferocious anorexic cat

I asked the daughter to sms me regarding the progress of her mum's cat as this was a ferocious cat that would not eat when hospitalised for the past 3 days. When he came in, he was quiet and I gave him an antibiotic injection as he had yellow nasal discharge. I warded him since the mum said that her cat had not been eating for some weeks. The mum had asked for some medicine 7 days ago, but the cat still would not eat. So I advised her to send the cat in for detailed examination including blood test and X-rays where relevant.

After my first injection, the cat would attack any staff going near him. So my new vet assistant could not give him medication. How to solve this problem? "Mix the powdered medication with brown sugar and smear on his body," I said to my assistant.

After 3 days, I phoned the daughter to take the cat home as the cat would be happier at home, be given antibiotics and recover. She was to let me know by phone but I did not expect any feedback as most owners don't do it if the pet is recovering.

I got her SMS yesterday.

3.40 pm May 23, 2013
Hi Dr Sing. Gd afternoon. XXX from stc (Singapore Turf  Club) here. Updating you on d progress of YYY, my mum's cat. He is getting better, active n started eating whiskas (can food) not d ones fm ur clinic. She also can meow now. Thanks lots,

9.12pm May 23, 2013
I SMS back, short and sharp as I don't do long texting.

Thanks for good news. He recovered from nose discharge?

10.56pm May 23, 2013
She SMS back

Yes recovered. Tq Dr Sing

Not a spoken word with the younger Singaporean clientele nowadays.
But there was a happy clinical outcome and that was what matters. Vets have to deliver, to perform too, not only salespersons.

A ferocious cat is a good experience for Dr Daniel and my new assistant to handle. I asked Dr Daniel to take blood for testing and give the drip. This was mission impossible if you see this ferocious cat pawing anyone going near him!  This is the reality of practice.

In the University, the professors teach how to diagnose. But now how to treat a clawing ferocious anorexic feline that would die if he continues not to eat?

"Sedate him lightly, take the blood for testing and give a SC antibiotic drip,"  I said to Dr Daniel.  This was done. Blood test showed a high total white cell count and this was indicative of bacterial infection. The daughter was satisfied with this evidence-based medicine being practised.

The next day, I sent the cat home on medication as I felt he would do better at home ground. My intuition was spot on when the cat started eating and meowing, he is on the way to recovery. 

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