Date:   27 August, 2012  

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Management: Adding value to your employer's services
Dr Sing Kong Yuen, BVMS (Glasgow), MRCVS
27 August, 2012  
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Thursday, August 23, 2012

1058. Adding value to your employer's services

Aug 22, 2012

This is my first one-night stay at The Venetian Macao but my 2nd visit. I had a beautiful view of the new competitor, Galaxy Integrated Resort, from my 30th floor window, South Wing. The view just reminds me that competition increases over time and there will be better equipped and richer competitors to beat the incumbent as well as taking business away from the smaller players.

The same situation applies to veterinary clinics in Singapore as well financed (by parents) new clinics look so much prettier and do attract the younger generation who loves glitz and shine. Singaporeans love the attractive external appearance and the same applies to Hongkongers. Competition will become keener as more vets want to start their own practices after some years of experience. 

Galaxy provides 20 minutes free wireless internet access in its surroundings ground floor and a bus service to and from The Venetian Macao to its place across the road. The Venetian Macao charges $160/hour internet access in the room and does not provide complimentary wireless internet services unlike Hotel Panorama in Hong Kong. The Hotel Panorama is a 4-star hotel which charges $100/hour in the room but has free unlimited access in its lobby.

In the end, it is still the service and performance of the employees that count in sustaining the business. Provided the new businesses don't go bankrupt due to lack of revenues and capital to survive the start up period.  Managing the talented employees is not easy as experienced ones are "in demand."

In this visit, I have some pictures of employees who add value to their employers. One example is the Macau tour guide I saw in the Venetian Macao. She was my guide during my last 2 visits to Macau. It was such a coincidence that I saw her snapping pictures for her tour group in the Venetian Macao in which she would bring tourists to view. Tour guides need not bother volunteering photography for clients but she knew that the whole group would not be able to have a group photography without an outsider.   The Venetian Macao has many tourist attractions especially the enclosed shopping area with branded fashion shops and an artificial sky and so tour groups have something to show the visitors. The new Galaxy across the road has laser shows of crystals and singers performing on the stage inside the casinos.

tough competition between the new Galaxy Macau & The Venetian Macao    
tpvets_logo.jpg (2726 bytes) 5579 - 5587. Travel: Macau - The Venetian Macao's singing gondola rowers. Excellent added-value services from employees

This Macau tour guide was happy doing photography for her clients. I did not impose myself on her. She was in a hurry to go somewhere. At the Venetian Macao, I heard loud singing from some of the gondola rowers as they work at making the boat experience enjoyable. I don't hear singing amongst the original gondola rowers in Venice or those add at the Marina Bay Sands Singapore. The audience clapped their hands in appreciation.

Employees who add value to their employers are rare as it is not easy and is time-consuming to connect with the clients. These employees will be in great demand and will earn more in time to come as their reputation spreads to other prospective predatory headhunters and employers!

Electro-GP-trichoepithelioma/20120342tn_guinea-pig-male-3years-large-ear-tumour-electrosurgery-toapayohvets-zoletil-isoflurane.jpg Ulcerated ear tumour.
Electro-surgery to excise a guinea pig's trichoepithelioma using Zoletil 100 & isoflurane
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