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10 September, 2015
  Focus: Small animals - dogs, cats, guinea pigs, hamsters, turtles & rabbits
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Toa Payoh Vets Case Studies
833. Video: The CavalierXpoodle after grooming Pt 2
832. Video: The 3-month-old CavalierXpoodle has dirty ears and eye stained hairs Pt 1
831. Video: The cat has chin eczema Pt 2
830. Video: The 4-year-old cat has chin eczema Pt 1
829. Video: The hamster has a scent gland abscess Pt 2
828. Video: A hamster loses weight Pt 1
827. Video: Moon-cake sellers on a Sunday Pt 2
826. Video: Selling moon cakes, Singapore Pt 1
825. Video: A young pug has facial lumps, red ear canals and itchy paws
824. Video: A cat has left hip dislocation Pt 2
823.  Video: A cat has left hip dislocation Pt 1
822. Video: All skin warts excised Pt 5
821. Video: Check and remove remnants of ear warts Pt 4
820. Video: Ear warts electro-excised Pt 3
819. Video: Skin warts electro-excised Pt 2
818.Video: A 69-g dwarf hamster has 6 areas of skin warts Pt 1
818. Video: No diabetic retinopathy for a 65-year-old man's eyes
817. Video: Hungry Ghost Festival burnt offerings
816. Video: Antibiotic sensitivity test for green nasal discharge of a 9-month-old Beagle
815. Final Video: A Cavalier King Charles has left hip dislocation
814. Final Video: A cat has difficulty peeing after boarding for 5 days
813. Final Video: An old Jack Russell has lacrimal cyst, black nasal tumour and thick tartar on the back teeth
812. Video: Post-op. Much less itchy ears now. Two years after lateral ear canal resection for this Cavalier King Charles
811. Final Video: Post-op. Excellent outcome 3 months after vertical ear canal ablation for a hairy-eared Minature Schnauzer
810. Final Video: A biting cat has left backside hair loss - anal sac impaction under sedation
closed reduction hip dislocation cat toa payoh vets singapore
809. Video: Sedation for hip dislocation X-ray Pt 2
808. Video: A lateral X-ray view of hip dislocation of a cat Pt 1
Video: A Potong Pasir lady adopts the stray cat Pt 2
807. Video: A Potong Pasir lady sends this drooling stray cat for treatment at Toa Payoh Vets
806. Video: Potong Pasir town on Aug 29, 2015 before the General Elections on Sep 11, 2015
805. Video: A rabbit has right hip dislocation reduced (closed reduction) Pt 2
804. Video: A 3-month-old rabbit dislocates her hip Pt 1
803. Video: A French bulldog has inguinal hernias Pt 2
802. Video: A French bulldog has bilateral inguinal hernias Pt 1
801. Video: Birthday James Tan - 3
800. Video: Birthday James Tan - 2
799. Video: Birthday James Tan - 1
798. Video: Ringworm on forehead of a Schnauzer
797. Video: A male puppy has no inguinal hernia
796. Video: A neutered French Bulldog has inguinal swellings Pt 2
795. Video: A 3-year-old French Bulldog has inguinal hernias Pt 1
794. Video: No anal sac impaction Pt 4
793. Video: An old Jack Russell has thick tartar on the back teeth Pt 3
792. Video: A 12-year-old Jack Russell has a lacrimal cyst and nose melanoma Pt 2
791. Video: An old Jack Russell has a melanoma and eye cyst Pt 1
790. Video: Sedatives to stop all night barking and toilet management Pt 2
789. Video: A 17-year-old dog barks all night long and has an ear wart Pt 1
788. Video: Dog goes home after anal sac abscess treatment
787. Video: Hair shaft examined under the microscope for ringworm Pt 4
786. Video: Ultraviolet light fluorescence positive for ringworm Pt 3
785. Video: A Chihuahua has backside ringworm Pt 2
784. Video: A Chihuahua with ringworm infected her owner's elbow with ringworm Pt 1
783. Video: A Beagle has widespread skin rashes Pt 2
782. Video: A 3-year-old Beagle has red ears and hair loss on the flanks Pt 1
781. Video: No more painful kidneys after in-patient treatment Pt 2
780. Video: X-rays of painful swollen kidney in a 3-year-old cat after boarding Pt 1
779. Video: A 9-year-old Chihuahua had 10 rotten teeth extracted.
778. Video: An 11-year-old Jack Russell has 4 large breast tumours
777. Video: A 17-year-old Shih Tzu vomits
776. Final Video: A roborovski has crusty skin from bite wounds
775. Final Video: Carnassial tooth abscess in a 13-year-old dog
774. Final Video: Frenum polyps and cysts in a 14-year-old Maltipoo
773. Final Video: A Border Collie dislocates his right hip
772. Final Video: A Cavalier King Charles dislocates his left hip
771. Video: A 6-month-old Beagle sneezes green discharge daily
770. Video: A  1-year-old Roborovski has infected bite wounds Pt 1
769. Video: A 7-year-old not spayed Silkie passes smelly urine many times
768. Video: After clipping bald, skin rashes all over the body Pt 2
767. Video: A poodle has generalised pustular dermatitis Pt 1
766. Final Video: Priapism in an old Syrian Hamster
765. Video: A Syrian Hamster has priapism
763. Video: Blood collection from the left jugular vein Pt 4
762. Video: Blood collection from the right jugular vein Pt 3
761. Video: X-rays show swollen kidneys Pt 2
760. Video: A cat pees everywhere after boarding Pt 1
759. Video: Closed reduction 2/2
758. Video: Closed reduction of Cavalier King Charles with dislocated left hip 1/2
757. Video: A 14-year-old poodle has heart, liver and kidney diseases
756. Video: Chihuahua checked for back rib cage pain
755. Video: X-rays of a Chihuahua that sleeps curled up for the past 3 days
754. Educational Video: How to collect blood from the jugular vein in the dog or cat
753. Educational Video: How to clean the guinea pig's ears
752. Video: A guinea pig has left ear tilt
751. Video: A guinea pig has abdominal pain
750. Video: A guinea pig has pneumonia again 2/2
749. Video: A guinea pig has pneumonia again 1/2
748. Video: A Chihuahua has pain in the back rib cage area
747. Video: An old dog has frenulum tumours and ulcers Pt 1
746. Video: Dental scaling after extraction of the carnassial tooth Pt 3
745. Video: Carnassial tooth abscess extraction Pt 2
744. Video: A dog is sedated for carnassial tooth abscess treatment Pt 1
743. Video: Right flank herniated abdominal lump Pt 3
742. Video: Right hind shell edge bitten off by the female terrapin Pt 2
741. Video: A 7-year-old male terrapin has a right flank lump and skin swelling Pt 1
740. Video: A Cavalier King Charles has left hip dislocation - X Rays Pt 2
739. Video: Cavalier King Charles has a painful left hip joint Pt 1
738. Video: Ear ointment to clear ear dirt Pt 2
737. Video:  Ear irrigation process in a dog Pt 1

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