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Date:   22 April, 2011  
Focus: Small animals - dogs, cats, hamsters, guinea pigs & rabbits
Sunday's April 17, 2011's interesting cases of 3 female spayed dogs. Has one of them got a stump pyometra & the other one got an endocrine alopecia?
Dr Sing Kong Yuen, BVMS (Glasgow), MRCVS
Date:   22 April, 2011 
Be Kind To Pets
Veterinary Education
Project 2010-0129
Bright sunshine and blue skies. Sunday morning April 17th, 2011

Started work at 9.30 am and finished at 6.00pm with Dr Vanessa.

1. Shih Tzu bites till the paws and feet bleeds. Very distressed to see a dog going at its body and feet. E-collar helped but bleeding stains apartment. Couple saw Vet 1 twice but no resolution. Expat husband phoned Vet 1 today (Sunday) but no response. "When Vet 1 returns call," the husband said to me, "I had already phoned Toa Payoh Vets for an appointment."

"Skin diseases are not easy to cure in many cases," I said. I handled this case as the leading vet with Dr Vanessa as it would be an emotional case and I prefer to take the responsibility. Dr Vanessa was OK with this approach. The dog was warded and clipped bald. Demodectic mites were abundantly seen and Dr Vanessa advised regularly ivomec injection. I advised bathing with tactic wash first as the dog has poor immune status.

spayed jack russell 6 years not eating - eye pus - toxaemia - copious pus in vagina - stump-pyometra- toapayohvets singapore2. Rabbit with big jaw abscess. I asked my vet whether she would operate. She passed. So I did it the next day.

3. Three female SPAYED Jack Russells with 3 different conditions.

1. Jack Russell, 6 years. Spayed. Low platelet. Lots of yellow pus in vulva. Why? Image in this article. Could this be a case of a stump pyometra?

2. Jack Russell, 3 years. Spayed. Bites flanks both sides. Alopecia. Endocrine? Vulva very small (spayed very young). Reddish infantile vulval lips. The owner said the cause is the environmental changes during Chinese New Year. She said that Ovarid is better than stilboestrol oral tablets which I had prescribed for similar skin problems some months ago. The dog was clipped bald and given a good bath. Ovarid was prescribed. The lady was happy with the previous clipping and so asked for the same procedure. My tentative diagnosis is endocrine alopecia.

3. Jack Russell, 10 years, spayed. Came in for vaccination which most dog owners will have forgotten. Health screening advised by me. So a blood test was done. On examination, the vulva was pink and of normal size. Blood results not abnormal but not perfect with some elevations of ALT. Eats, drinks, pees and poops OK. The owner is quite happy to know the blood test results. A urine test is advised.


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Project 2010-0129
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